Zacro Automatic Fish Feeder, USB Charge and Battery Power Supply for Aquarium and Fish Tank

AMZ B07XXW8344


Completely sealed: the grain storage barrel is isolated from the outside world, so as to prevent the food from getting wet and keep the fish food fresh for a long time.
Accurate feeding: 500ml capacity, can be fed 4 times a day, 50 meals per meal, about 1.5g per serving, no longer worry about overfeeding or underfeeding.
Dual power supply: battery (not including 4* AAA batteries), dual power supply, no power worry, let you travel with no burden.
Parameter memory, set once, save for a long time, all parameters will be automatically saved even if the power is completely cut off.
Easy to install: 3 clip-on multi-angle mounting modes for most aquariums, glass thickness less than or equal to 32mm.