Yimaler Submersible pump Circulation pump Water supply3500L/H Maximum head 3.0M



[Low consumption and high efficiency & long life]: With 2 types of thread link nozzles, you can choose according to your needs. An energy-saving submersible pump with low power consumption. With a permanent magnet driver, it can be used for longer than 30,000 hours. Moreover, it has a strong interference resistance and can operate in peace.
[Small & Silent] The size is a compact size of 10*14*7CM. The submersible pump is kept under 40 decibels when working, and it is quiet, low vibration, and low noise. There is no need to worry about everyday life.
[For both freshwater and seawater]: Designed for both freshwater and seawater, the water and electricity are isolated, so leakage current can be prevented and it can be completely waterproofed by underwater installation. In addition, this pump is designed to regulate aquarium water supply and drainage, thus simulating the flow of water in an aquarium, simulating a natural sea/river environment.
[Applicable range]: Can be used in places where water circulation is required, such as aquariums, aquariums, fountains, fish ponds, and seafood farms. It can also be used in areas that require cooling and circulation systems, such as watering gardens and plants, and water supply and drainage in domestic pools.
☆Input voltage: AC 110V/60Hz ☆Power: 45W ☆Maximum head: Approximately 3M ☆Outlet diameter: 19mm & 22mm&25mm ☆Maximum flow rate:3500L/H ☆Noise class:40dB or less ☆Power cord length:2M.