Wire Rope Pulling Hoist / Winch | Aluminium | Includes 20M Wire Rope inc vat & Delivery

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This is a Wire Rope Pulling Hoist / Winch c/w 20Meters of Wire Rope

It has 20 meter of wire Rope and a Handle

COLOR MAY VARIE (black or silver)

800kg come with 8.3mm wire rope
1600kg come with 11mm wire rope
3200kg come with 16mm wire rope

Each one has a serial number.
Finer wire rope pulling machines is Aluminium material which means long working life.
Wire rope pulling winches is an extremely tools for pulling,lifting and securing goods.which is easy and safe to operate.

Via wire rope pulling hoist is easy to move objects several tons in weight by one person.
This winches has lower maintenance requirements,to save your cost.