Webbing Shoulder Pads inc vat & Delivery

From £2.50


This is for 2 Shoulder Pads for 25mm Webbing in Black.

Size is 125mm x 40mm in Black Rubber

This is 2 Shoulder Pads for 40mm Webbing in Black.

Size is 150mm x 52mm in Black Rubber

This is one Shoulder Pads for 50mm Webbing in Black.

Size is 160mm x 60mm in Black Rubber

These excellent quality shoulder pads are moulded from soft, flexible, rubberized plastic, designed to help make carrying a loaded shoulder bag on your shoulder more comfortable & more bearable.
Textured non-slip design with rounded corners, encases the webbing & keeps it from chafing at the neck & shoulder. The bottom of the pad has dozens of tiny nubs moulded onto it to help prevent slippage.

Available in sizes 25mm & 38mm and 50mm
Easy slide on design, designed for 25mm & 38mm and 50mm wide straps