Warrior WA820 Wheel Clamp Theft Security, Universal, Adjustable Cars, Caravans, Trailers, PVC Protec



This heavy duty wheel clamp is distinguished by its anti-drilling lock and its 2-year warranty with proximity after-sales service directly from warrior equipmotor here in Europe.
Strong clamp that locks the wheel of your vehicle easily and safely; highly visible and theft deterrent.
Made of sturdy steel and coated with paint to protect it from rust. The clamps are protected by rubber to avoid damaging the wheel rim.
Its size is adjustable to the width of your tire and is compatible with most cars, trailers, vans, etc. (width from 100 to 260 mm)
Satisfaction guarantee: in addition to 30 days money back, we offer a 2-year guarantee from Spain (others offer only 1 year and from abroad) and specialized proximity advice; at any time you can contact warrior equipmotor who will answer you now and in the future as it is a well established factory with many years of experience in the world of anti-theft