Solar panel phone case | iPhone 4 + 4S | Silicone



This solar panel phone case for iphone 4 is perfect for when you are out and about and need to charge your phone when running low on battery.

Iphone Sillicone Case/Cover With Built-In Solar Charger For Iphone 4/4s, Perfect for when you are running low on battery, just point it to the sun and start charging!!!!

These solar chargers are ideal for when you are out and about and need emergency charge.

Specifications panel:0.61W
2.built-in battery:1500mah brand new li-polymber battery
3.output voltage current:5.5V 500ma
4.Material: Silicone gel
5.With USB input line
6.Gift box packing Color: black

Introduction to the Solar charger for iphone4

1.Clean, green energy source
2.capacity:1500mAh power battery charger case

Environment friendly.brand new li-polymer battery with capacity of 1500mAh Super long lifespan, more than 500 cycles of chargeSuitable for iphone 4

Important Information

1. As the charging effect of the solar panel is depended on the sunlight, the charging electric current is affected by weather, seasons, places, etc.
2. Don’t put it in the water, it is only designed to be protected from the rain and the humidity.
3. Don’t strike the product, so as not to cause irreversible damage.
4.Keep this product out of reach of children.