Ratchet Strap 5m x 25mm 800kg Blue or Black inc vat & Delivery

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This ratchet strap is ideal for leisure and light commercial use. It took me a long time to find these one .

You can use the claw hooks in lots of ways that is why transport company will only use claw ones.

Like my dad said to me " A chain is only as strong as the weakest link".

Just ask yourself do you what to use what the professionals use or the DIY ones.

1) Material: polyester, nylon

2) Manufactured to EN12195-2 AS/NZS4380 lashing capacity 800kg max.

3) Type: 25mm

4) Safety factor: 2:1

5) Working length: 5 metres

6) Colour: Blue and Black

7) Working load 400kg

8) Breaking Load 800kg

9) When half min M.B.S. the belt stretch less than 7%.

10) Its is with claw hooks.

11) With a Certificate of Conformity.

The Fixed end is .3 metres