Ratchet strap 1.5 ton 5m x 25mm Blue/Black inc vat & Delivery

From £9.84


This blue heavy duty ratchet strap is 5 meter x 25mm.

Ideal for leisure and light commercial use. It took me a long time to find these one . I could have got the "s" hook ones but i owned my own transport firm and i would never use them.

I would rather pay a few pence more and use what the professionals use rather than cut corners. You can use the claw hooks in lots of ways that is why transport company will only use claw ones.

Like my dad said to me " A chain is only as strong as the weakest link".

Just ask yourself do you what to use what the professionals use or the DIY ones.

It is to British Standard en 12195-2

Its 100% Polyester webbing.

Quick release ratchet

Minimum breaking strength: 1.5 ton max.

Its is with claw hooks.

With a Certificate of Conformity