Lifting and Moving Straps for furniture,Heavy Objects Without Back Pain,Straps and Harnesses




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The use of back protection,steel-toe shoes and adult supervision is always recommended while attempting/lifting relatively heavy objects

Attempting/carrying fumiture for anybody witth, and/or having histond

Before moving furniture, always clearthe path chosen for safety

To Lift:

Lay both straps side by side underneath furniture with strong/sturdy legs or x-cross the straps underneath items that have no legs for anti-slipout mode

Grab ends of strapsindividually 2 per person with each hand

With your back straight bend only slightly at the knees and choose the desired lenght by inserting arms in openings provided to adjust length

Position the arms at 45 degree angles upward from the elbow to the wrist

The strap opening chosen should be right at the base of your elbow but entirely on your forearm

Place your hands Directly in front of your shoulder area batms flat on the piece being carried all off your fingers pointing upwards See

Confirm each other's state of readiness.

When ready lift by straightening legs slowly

To Lower

Find a level and large enough area thatcan withhold the weight and size of the tem carried

Can firm each other's state of readiness

with your back still straight bend slightly at the knees until the item loweredis safety on the floor.

Package Content:

2 x Lifting straps

2 x shoulder strapsFully adjustable lifting,carrying and moving straps-Whether you want to move furniture,appliance or other heavy projects,you can easy adjust the straps length,so that you can easy move.Reduce back pain.Our weight carrying,lifting,and moving straps come with removeable support braces,strong protect your arm or shoulder,so there will be less back pain.You can use our weight lifting,moving and carrying straps to move furniture,appliance(refrigerator,washer etc)and other heavy objects faster,easier and more safe.The weight carrying,moving and lifting straps Size:2.72 meter long 4.5 cm wide.Contents: 2 harnesses, pair of Forearm Forklift (center adjustable straps).