Heavy Duty Adjustable Travel Push Trolley inc vat & Delivery

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Adjustable Travel Push Trolley

1/2 Ton
Size 76-140mm Beam

1 Ton
Size 85-140mm Beam

1.5 Ton
Size 85-140mm Beam

2 Ton
Size 100-160mm Beam

3 Ton
Size 100-175mm Beam

Use the Pushed Trolley for long traversing distance. The pushed trolley's central shaft is pivot mounted which assures smooth travel of the load. As the trolley moves across the beam, the wheels and side plates are free to pivot on the beam as they encounter irregularities such as welded joints. The pivot keeps an even load on all four wheels. The push trolley is adjustable to any beam width from 2.5 to 8.0 inches, simply by adjusting the number of collar rings. High-grade sealed ball bearings are used in all trolley wheels for ease of operation. The side plates of the push trolley are extended beyond wheel flanges to provide bumper protection

This Push Trolley is designed specifically to provide quick and versatile rigging or hoisting points for a huge variety of applications.

Easy and simple mounting.

Adjustable to fit a wide range of flange widths and beams.

Heavy duty construction allows safe and secure grip in the beam


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