Endless ratchet straps 3.5 + 5.5 + 7.5 + 9.5 meter inc vat & Delivery

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All our ratchets are measured from bearing point to bearing point.

This ones are Endless which mean there is no hooks so it goes around the product ad back into the ratchet really good for roof racks.

They are brand new and never been used.

1) Material: polyester, nylon

2) Manufactured to EN12195-2 AS/NZS4380 lashing capacity 5,000kg max.

3) Type: 50mm

4) Safety factor: 2:1

5) Working length: as specified

6) Colour: Blue

7) Lashing capacity: 5,000kg

8) When half min M.B.S. the belt stretch less than 7%.

10) Its is Endless

11) With a Certificate of Conformity.