Diversa Aquarium Professional Fish Tank - Real Original Guardian Glass, Standard & Bow Front AQUARIU

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This listing is for Aquarium Fish Tank Only, if you need aquarium covers or cabinets please visit our amazon store for whole range of Diversa products including Aquariums, Cabinets, Covers and other high quality fish tank accessories.
When choosing Diversa aquarium you receive a product made of float Guardian glass that characterizes with high transparency and durability, manufactured in accordance with European safety norms, precisely combined in safe whole with double silicone joints, with safe edges. Diversa as a company with more than 40 years of experience guarantees high quality and safety of products.
Properly designed and constructed aquarium should above all fulfill its purpose: decorate spaces we work and live in. Diversa products perform they function perfectly because we care about each element of process in which a sheet of glass becomes the aquarium.
SPECIFICATION: Length : 40 cm, Width : 25 cm, Height : 25 cm, Volume : 25 Litre, Glass Thickness : 3 mm