Breakaway cable for trailer or caravan | 1 mtr x 3mm | Zinc plated



This is a 1 mtr x 3mm Breakaway Cable

Applies the handbrake on braked caravans and trailers in the event of accidental unhitching.

Finish - Zinc Plated
It is coated with PVC


Finish - Zinc Plated & Red PVC Coated


PVC Coated for extra durability.
Finish - Zinc Plated & Florence GREEN

Supplied with heavy-duty split ring and Carabiner clip with split ring one end and safety clip the other
Breakaway cables are a legal requirement for all trailers with brakes.An emergency breakaway cable must be fitted to the parking brake linkage and the other end clipped or fixed round some fixture on the towing vehicle so that, in the event of the trailer becoming detached from the towing vehicle, the cable will apply the parking brake automatically, before snapping itself. It is not recommended to loop the cable round the tow ball. (But do so if there is no alternative attachment point.) It is a separate offence not to use the breakaway cable provided.