bedee Air Pump, Aquarium Air Pump Fish Tank Air Pump Oxygen Supply Silent Mini 1W 0.45L/Min with Tub



Bedee super silent aquarium air pump a great choice for any household aquarium lover!

Easy to Setup
1. Connect porous air bubble stone to air tube.
2. Connect air tube to air pump outlet.
3. Put the air pump into the mount holder. Attach air pump onto outside wall of aquarium tank, but locate the pump above water level to avoid any possible water counter flow.
4. Immerse air bubble stone into aquarium tank.
5. Connect power adapter to electricity socket, then air pump works.

The air pump itself is not waterproof, please keep it away from water.
Put the air pump higher than the fish tank water level to avoid malfunction or counter flow
Keep the air tube in a good layout, or you will not have a good bubble blast as you expected

Package Including:
1 Aquarium Air Pump
1 Air Tube
1 Air Bubble Stone
1 Mount holder
1 User Manual