Cat Collar | I Am Microchipped | Safety Bell With Reflective Writing



Ancol Cat Collar " I AM MICROCHIPPED "

Safety Buckle cat collars have a special break-away buckle which is specially designed to snap apart if the cat is in any difficulty.

All Ancol cat collars have bells attached, the RSPB website states 'that cats equipped with a bell returned 41 per cent fewer birds and 34 per cent fewer mammals than those with a plain collar.'

This collar alerts people that your cat is microchipped incase it gets lost etc. Then your cat can be taken to a local vet / rescue shelter where they can scan your cats microchip and contact you.
Warning: If using liquid flea treatments we recommend removing the collar until there is no trace of the chemical on the cat’s neck area. The chemicals from the flea treatment may react with material and the plastic on the collar, possibly preventing the safety clasp from opening as it is designed to do.